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Well, for spelling my name right you should be rewarded! Though I have nothing to offer but the gift of music. And, actually, I am trying in most cases to sell that, so it's hardly a gift...anyway...

Come on in and have a look around -
    surely I can't charge you for that!



NEW PIECE: Chileno Bay, for beginning steel ensemble - premiered at the University of Florida (see below!)

• Brag file: I have received the 2013 Outstanding Researcher award, along with four other ISU faculty. One recipient (Bruce Finney) was named the Distinguished Researcher.

Calendar news:

• On the road for a spring tour of the southeastern (mostly) US!  On the docket is the Music Design clinic, and some performances of steel drum music and featured percussion ensemble works.
Where at?

University of Oklahoma (April 16 2013), Norman, OK

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”

East Central University (April 15 2013), Ada, OK

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”

University of South Carolina (April 11 2013), Columbia, SC

         Clinics, ensemble workshops and performances

PAS Florida Day of Percussion (April 6 2013), DeLand, FL

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”

University of Florida (April 8-9 2013), Gainesville FL

         Clinics, ensemble workshops and performances

University of Central Florida (April 4-5 2013), Orlando FL

         Clinics, ensemble workshops and performances

University of Southern Mississippi (March 21 2013), Hattiesburg, MS

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”

Illinois Central College (March 18 2013), Peoria, Ill

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”

Colorado State University (March 13 2013), Fort Collins, CO

         Clinic / workshop – “Music Design”


FALL 2012

• New steel band publications with Alfred and Bachovich ! Look for Papaya Treat and The Flamingo from Alfred, and visit Bachovich for Socatello !

• Will be playing some pan next fall at PASIC in Austin for the Saturday steel band lit session. Don't know if we'll hear one of the afore-mentioned tunes, but looking forward to it. I'll let you know if one of them gets accepted for the session.

• New chamber composition completed, but because it's submitted anonymously for a competition, I can't tell you about it - check back next month! How's that for a non-news news entry? 

MAY 2012

• Thanks to the following groups for programming my stuff over this past semester:

    May - Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. St. Paul - "Orchestral pioneers"
    April - Kent State Uniiversity, Cal State Long Beach
    March - Brazoswood (TX) HS
    Feb - University of Texas; University of Hawaii

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