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Well, for spelling my name right you should be rewarded! Though I have nothing to offer but the gift of music. And, actually, I am trying in most cases to sell that, so it's hardly a gift...anyway...

Come on in and have a look around -
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I haven't been very good at updating my website recently (thanks for the prod, drumchattr) - but for those of you following me on Facebook, you may know that I just got back from the musical city  - Vienna - where my new piece, Smoke and Mirrors was just world-premiered by ensemble Schlagwerk Wien  at the Vienna Conservatory, under the direction of the incomparable Nebojsa Zivkovic.

The work was designed as a companion piece to the old stand-by, Bicksa.  However, this piece differs in the following respects: It's almost 10 minutes long; it has keyboard percussion for contrast, and since it was written for the Vienna Conservatory it somehow feels more "European" if that's at all an adjective - It recalls some of the textures I used in the 2006 comission, Euonymus Alatus.

A dress - rehearsal of the piece is on youtube if you want to check it out! If you are interested in getting a copy, message me at thom@thomhasenpflug.com

Thanks to Idaho State University and my sponsors listed below for helping to support my trip to Austria.


Been doing a fair amount of local work this past semester; playing with the Idaho State Civic Symphony, doing numerous clinic - workshops at regional high schools, and the like. Being the School Director is pretty time-consuming stuff. Kind of all my time, really.

Keep posted for more updates!

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